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Dr. Ira Byock: Living Lives of Gratitude, Forgiveness and Love

by Pam Hayle March 04, 2018

The Vital Aging Network e-Bulletin often highlights special events in our community that we hope may interest you and provide an enriching experience. VAN's programs are based on the values of engagement, critical thinking, and basically making the most of every moment as we age.
We are highlighting an event this month that will provide powerful tools for reconciling your life relationships. Ira Byock, author of The Four Things That Matter Most and other books, will speak on Monday April 9th, in Bloomington. Dr. Byock is a champion of living well until we die. He offers basic life lessons expressed in four simple phrases, "Please forgive me," "I forgive you," "Thank you," and "I love you."
As simple and practical as these phrases are, they offer the possibility of so much: healthy relationships, healthier living, healing and wholeness. In my work with older adults, unfortunately, I see many individuals recognize the need for closure too late, and saying these simple phrases is too hard, awkward or there is just not enough time. I think we can all think of someone we could say one of these phrases to. Stating the obvious can sometimes be life transforming.
"Thank you" for reading the VAN bulletin, and we hope to see you at a VAN event or program soon.



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