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A New Year, Opportunities and Reflections on 2017

by Pam Hayle January 06, 2018

chat_250As we enter a new year, the debate over the value of setting new year resolutions is often a topic of discussion. Do resolutions set us up for failure or empower us with a new sense of challenge and inspiration for the coming year? Statistics tell us that most people fail at or give up on their resolutions within the first month. Does this low rate of success mean resolutions have no value, no relevancy to our actual lives? I like the notion of setting a new goal each year as a marker of where we have been and where we would like to be. I try to enter the new year with a retrospect on the past year—a summary of the successes, the difficulties, what was accomplished and what still needs to be done to reach my goals.

Reflecting on 2017

The Vital Aging Network's retrospect on 2017 might be described as a year of discovery, growth and change. VAN has discovered new ways of doing things by expanding our committees with new volunteers, working with a smaller budget, and finding new partners for some of our most vital programs. VAN has experienced growth with the Aging with Gusto program being offered in new ways to a broader range of audiences, and expanding our Wellness 50+ program to Washington county.
VAN has changed through a thoughtful process of engagement and developing new strategies for organizational development that fit a small nonprofit such as VAN that encompasses an aggressive range of programs and initiatives.

Looking forward in 2018

As VAN enters into 2018 we may not be setting resolutions but we are looking to continue developing and implementing meaningful programs, forum content and connections for older adults in their communities and with the VAN network.

We appreciate and need your input, your skills, and your support as we continue to discover, grow and change in 2018. The Vital Aging Network extends best wishes and inspiration for a productive and fruitful 2018.



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