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Preparing for the Age Wave and Beyond

by Pam Hayle March 27, 2016

chartgreen_315Aging 2030 is a joint venture between the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Board on Aging and the Minnesota Department of Health to help prepare Minnesota for the coming age wave of baby boomers and a permanent shift in the age of our state's population. Between 2010 and 2030 the number of people over age 65 will grow by 107% while the rest of the population grows by 6%.

Aging 2030 is based on 5 themes to help set policy and programs in the state of Minnesota:

  • Redefining Work and Retirement - Minnesota should encourage individuals to continue working in both paid and non-paid roles to prepare for their retirement and old age.
  • Supporting Caregivers of all Ages - Minnesota needs to slow the decline of family caregiving by offering eldercare in all workplaces.
  • Fostering Communities of a Lifetime - Minnesota's communities should be good places to grow up and grow old, by offering physical, social and other services for residents of all ages.
  • Improving Health and Long-Term Care - 70% of all Minnesotans over age 65 will need long-term care services at some point in their lifetime. Minnesota must transform its health care, promote good health for all, improve chronic care and intensify its long-term care reform.
  • Maximizing Use of Technology - Minnesota should use technology to maximize the benefits and minimize the hazards that accompany this permanent age shift.

When I think of the work of VAN, I see many similarities to our mission statement and programs as the Aging 2030 initiative.  We encourage our network to be proactive, use their skills in their communities, practice healthy lifestyles, and prepare for their own aging.

For more information on Aging 2030 go to:


Pam Nielsen - May 02, 2016
There is a lack of affordable housing options for seniors throughout the whole state, with a plethora of expensive senior buildings being built throughout the Metro area. It's time to begin building more affordable housing for us, and it should not be segregated in senior-only buildings, but built into existing as well as new neighborhoods designed for all ages, singles, couples, families, extended families. I am not at all interested in these expensive senior-only campuses which are out of reach for many older people. It is healthier for all of us to live together in neighborhoods comprised of all ages and family make up. People of moderate to low income have been, and are, being ignored.

Marla Johnson - March 30, 2016
Can VAN start a conversation - including MN State Legislators - about Dr. Thomas' Green House Project which is transforming eldercare in the US.


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